Ceramic dental veneers

Ceramic dental veneers are minimally invasive stickers with high aesthetic value.


Thanks to minimal preparations of enamel or even without touching the surface of the teeth with “additional” restorations (“no-prep” technique), it is possible to make veneers of 0.3-0.5 mm thickness.

The very small thickness of these items (up to 0.3 mm), permit to save large amounts of enamel and dentin and not devitalize the teeth.

Moreover, such restorations do not interfere with the health of the periodontal tissues, since the preparations when needed do not reach the gingival margins, while guaranteeing an optimal mimetism thanks to the use of highly aesthetic and non-metal materials.


Ceramic veneers allow for correction, giving fullness to the smile:


  • Form and volume abnormalities (closure of interdental black triangles, diastema, conoid teeth);
  • Pigmentation and discoloration, such as nicotine and / or caffeine spots;
  • Yellow composite restorations, dental malfunctions and congenital enamel defects (fluorosis, imperfect amelogenesis).

In addition, ceramic veneers allow to restore the correct occlusion and function of the teeth by lengthening the fractured or worn out margins as a result of aging.