Dental bleaching


Tea, coffee, cigarettes, wine can stain your teeth ... ask us all the information to restore brilliance and splendor to your smile.

In fact, for a truly enviable mouth and teeth not only from a functional point of view, you can complete the treatment plan also by enhancing aesthetics through the professional Dental Whitening Method, performed in our center directly in the armchair.

This innovative procedure utilizes the action of 35-38% hydrogen peroxide-based chemical whitening agents that, once blended, activates oxygen as a reaction product.

The intensity of the whitening result obviously depends on several factors:


  • By the concentration of the active ingredient and its time on the teeth;
  • From the type of chroma characteristics and intrinsic value of the element;
  • From the patient's eating habits;
  • From spoiled habitual habits (smoke, abuse of particular foods and pigmentation drinks)


Side effects


Potential unwanted transient effects could be:

  • Thermal sensitivity;
  • Gingival irritation.


Dentists obviously will prevent and minimize these disorders by protecting gums, tongue and lips before and during the session in order to enhance the patient's comfort.

Light gingivitis if they manifest themselves, spontaneously regress in the next 24 to 48 hours.



The presence of caries, tartar or gingivitis implies a preventive resolution of the problem through professional hygiene sessions and any conservative and / or minimally invasive prosthetic treatments before undergoing whitening.

After the session, it is also important to avoid smoke and dye foods and beverages for at least 24 hours in order not to vanish  treatment’s effect